Where to get diamonds in Subnautica

Learn where you can score some diamonds in the underwater world of Subnautica.

Diamonds are a useful resource in Subnautica, as it’s needed for plenty of items and technology you’ll need to craft. It is also, unfortunately, decently rare and can be a little difficult to find if you don’t know where to look. You can find Diamonds in many different biomes in the game, though there is one that works best out of them all. You can also get diamonds by a less, let’s say, “natural” way using cheats.

Where you can find diamonds

The best place to find diamonds in the game is Mountain Island, which can be accessed at any point during your playthrough. Though, you will come across it if you follow the game’s critical path. Mountain Island is north/northeast of Lifepod 5. You can use the compass to help you find the right direction to go.

Just explore around the island and look for shale outcroppings, as that is where diamonds are. You can find shales on the beach edges near the alien compound on the island, and also underwater, on the sides of the mountain and the caves underneath it. Just beware of the Warpers and other dangers in the area.

You can also explore these other biomes for diamond if you dive deep enough:

  • Blood Kelp Caves
  • Bulb Zone Caves
  • Crag Field
  • Deep Grand Reef
  • Deep Sparse Reef
  • Grand Reef
  • Inactive Lava Zone
  • Lost River
  • Mountains
  • Sea Treader’s Path

Just look out for shale outcroppings as you explore, and diamond is likely to be there.

Get diamonds through cheats

You can also just spawn diamonds using cheats if you want to skip the entire exploration aspect. You will want to open the console command screen. For PC, simply press F3 to open the Debug Menu and then press F8. Now uncheck the large, round button in the upper-left corner of the menu and press Enter to bring up the command menu.

For consoles, it’s easier: just press X + R1 + L1 (PlayStation 4) or A + RB + LB (Xbox) to bring up the command menu. Now just enter “item diamond” followed by the number of diamonds you want to spawn.

Just remember that you can only carry so many diamonds in your inventory, but any diamonds you are not able to take with you on your first trip will stay in the same place for you to come back to.