Where to get Flares in Lost Ark

Find the boss with these items.

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Lost Ark has a variety of consumable items that are used for a variety of different situations and instances. One of these items is Flares, which are an important item used to track down bosses across large maps in Guardian Raids. Using a Flare locates the boss on the mini-map, allowing you to track it down easily instead of looking for it blindly.

However, Flares are not an unlimited resource, and players often do not use Flares in Guardian Raids as the supply of Flares is limited. If you are running low on Flares and are wondering how to stock up on these precious items, then read below for some tips on how to get a sizable amount of these recon tools.

Selection Chests

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Check to see if you have a surplus of “Utility Battle Item Chests” in your Inventory. You get a ton of these through quests and events, and one chest can open up a total of five flares. There are other useful items in this chest, so it’s not wise to spend it all on flares. However, having a sizable amount of these chests on the backend will make sure you almost always have one of these to use.

You can frequently choose these chests during “Fever Time” which is occasionally held on weekends, giving away numerous chests to all players for free. While most players would opt to get potions instead, this is a great way to get some emergency flares.

The Market

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Heading to the Market in Lost Ark is another way to grab some emergency Flares. Go to the Market, search “Flare,” and you can buy numerous of these items for an average price of 15 gold. Gold is a precious currency for most players, but if you have a surplus, the market is a convenient way to go about it.


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Crafting is the cheapest and most reliable way to get Flares, but this requires you to participate in some menial tasks like fishing and hunting. The recipe for a Flare is x20 Natural Pearl (found through fishing) and x35 Wild Flower in your Stronghold.

Mari’s Shop

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An alternative to spending Gold is spending Crystals through the Mari’s shop. 25 Crystals will net you five Utility Battle Item Chests, which is a cost-effective way to get about 25 flares. Mari’s Shop is a convenient way to get a variety of great items, like potions and Rapport items, so take advantage of these offers.