Where to get Gimmighoul Coins in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

It’s a scavenger hunt with no end in sight.

Screenshot by Gamepur

There are a slew of mysteries awaiting Pokémon trainers in the beautiful world of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet across the wide world of Paldea, from brand new and exciting Pokémon to discover to strange structures that seem to serve no purpose. One such conundrum is these small creatures that perch themselves on various ledges and windowsills, called Gimmighouls — they’re everywhere, and their purpose is a bit of an enigma for trainers new to the region.

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How to find Gimmighoul Coins

There are a slew of mysteries behind Gimmighouls, but trainers should know that small Gimmighouls will spawn all across the region of Paldea. Ruins seem to be especially bountiful for trainers on the hunt, but they can also be found in random tree limbs, on the ground, or by destroyed crates. The long and short of finding more Gimmighoul coins is to keep a sharp eye out for small characters hanging out in relatively obvious places, once you’re seeking them.

A fantastic starting spot is the ruins east southeast from Los Platos (East) Pokémon Center, the same region where Gastly Gas is available no matter the time of day. Multiple Gimmighouls with coins can be found in this area, but it’s vital to know that they can spawn in many various places around the map. The ruins should be thought of as an ideal start to Gimmighoul Coin hunting, gaining an understanding what to search for — these coins can be found as early as Cabo Poco, the starting town.

Trainers will want to grab as many Gimmighoul Coins as possible, but be aware that you’ll stumble across many that are just out of reach. As new powers are gained in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, these Gimmighoul Coins will become available. Take note of their locations, and keep moving forwards!