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Where to get Iron Ore in My Time at Sandrock

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In My Time at Sandrock, players need to make sure that as they progress through the game’s storyline, they can also keep up with its demands. My Time at Sandrock places you in the shoes of a Builder assigned to the town of Sandrock, nestled in the vast desert and settled atop the ruins of a long lost world. Players need to help their new townsfolk, complete commissions and gain their trust to become the best Builder they can possibly be.

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Players start with simple Stone tools and work their way up the ranks. It involves a lot of time and effort to figure out the finer nuances of the game and the ways to quickly and efficiently complete your tasks, but once you do, you’ll be well on your way to meeting your Builder goals.

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Iron Ore is used to craft Steel Ingots. Steel Ingots are incredibly important for later game items and require players to combine Graphite, Iron Ore, and Dinas. It’s also one of the two critical components needed to craft the Manganese Steel Ingots, which are also required to complete higher-level commissions. You’ll need to use a Civil Furnace to craft these items, which need to be researched by Qi in exchange for Data Discs. Iron Ore can be obtained in the following ways:

Purchasing Iron Ore

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Heading to the Eufaula Salvage Shop and interacting with the till icon will open the shop menu. There you’ll find a variety of different ores and items that you may need in your Builder’s journey. Of course, the price of Iron Ore will vary, so if you’re too busy to go farm any, then you might as well stock up if you have extra cash to burn and the price is low enough.

Gathering Iron Ore

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Iron Ore can be collected from the Gecko Station Ruins. Unfortunately, this area is only unlocked after a particular phase in the story. You’ll need to complete the orange-colored missions until the area unlocks.

Iron Scrap recycling

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If you’re only looking for Steel Ingots, a simple solution is to use the Civil Recycler. Recycling Iron Scrap can yield Steel Ingots which are one of the main reasons to gather Iron Ore. However, there’s not much in the way of help regarding the Manganese Ingots.

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