Where to get Phosphogranate in Tower of Fantasy

It’s sour, then sweet, then…bland.

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With so many ingredients in Tower of Fantasy it is hard to keep track of them all. You have ones that grow on vines and some that you have to swim through the ocean to find. Among all of the ingredients you can discover, there are Phosphogranates. These fruits are small, red, and plump. They are one of the better ingredients that you can get your hands on. This guide will show you where you can find Phosphogranates in Tower of Fantasy.

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Where to find Phosphogranates in Tower of Fantasy

Some ingredients are rather difficult to find and it may take some time before you can get them. Phosphogranates are one of those ingredients that you will need to wait to obtain since they aren’t available in the Astra region. The only region you can find this fruit in is Navia.

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Navia is the third region you will get to in the story and it is a region that is to the north of Banges. You can get to this area as early as the second chapter of the game. If you read the description of the fruit, it will tell you that you can find them near rocks. The map above will show you the areas where we had the best luck finding them. Some Phosphogranates have been found at the tops of cliffs while others have been found near rocky terrain.

How to use Phosphogranates

Phosphogranates are one of the better food items that you can find. This ingredient is one of the few that are great to eat without needing to add them to a meal. A Phosphogranate will heal your character for five percent of their health and restore two Satiety points. You can use this ingredient in a meal by going to any of the cooking stations around the map.