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How does Satiety work in Tower of Fantasy? Answered

The key to good health.

Tower of Fantasy introduces a good number of mechanics to you early on in the game. While there are many basic ones like cooking, combat, and the jetpack, some of them never really get explained. One of the mechanics that never really gets mentioned in the game is Satiety. You’ve probably never heard of this mechanic in other games but it has a big impact on your character throughout Tower of Fantasy. So what exactly is Satiety and how does it work?

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What is Satiety in Tower of Fantasy?

Satiety is a stat that affects how fast your health regenerates. In Tower of Fantasy, your health regenerates whenever you aren’t in combat. That is pretty normal for MMO games. This health regeneration requires the usage of Satiety to function. As your health gets restored, the Satiety meter decreases.

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The image above shows the three main aspects of Satiety you need to focus on. These are:

  • Your Satiety meter decreases in order to restore your HP
  • For every 10% HP restored, you lose one Satiety point from the meter
  • You lose one Satiety point every five minutes
  • The higher your Satiety meter is, the faster your HP will be restored

If you have 1 to 30 Satiety Points, your HP will be restored at a rate of two percent per two seconds. When the meter is full, you will regenerate health at five percent per two seconds. Make sure to keep your Satiety meter full to reap the benefits of faster health regen.

How to raise your Satiety meter in Tower of Fantasy

The Satiety meter may decrease as you regenerate health and as time passes, but there is a way that you can restore it; cooking. Cooking is the key to keeping your character alive and your Satiety meter full. A well-cooked meal can boost your Satiety meter by upwards of 10 points. If you aren’t near a cooking robot, consume some raw ingredients. You will only get one or two Satiety points from raw ingredients but it is better than nothing.

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