Where to get Poultry Eggs in Tower of Fantasy

Never eat raw eggs.

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It is important to always get a protein when cooking. Luckily, Tower of Fantasy has many protein options for you to hunt down and gather for your meals. You have access to items like Game Meat, Poultry Meat, Fish, and, of course, Eggs. Poultry Eggs are one of the more difficult items to find in the world. You are going to need to search high and low if you want to get your hands on them. Get ready to go hunting. Here is where you can find Poultry Eggs in Tower of Fantasy.

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Where to find Poultry Eggs in Tower of Fantasy

Gathering up Poultry Eggs isn’t as simple as finding a bird monster and beating it up. You can’t just follow one around either. Poultry Eggs can be found in high-up areas where you would expect birds to be nesting. While standard cliffs can be home to Poultry Eggs resting in a nest, you are far more likely to find them on tall mountains and spires.

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When you do find Poultry Eggs, you are most likely to find three of them in one place. This makes getting your hands on multiple of them pretty easy. Make sure when you are hunting these eggs down to conserve your stamina and use your jetpack whenever possible to help you get up the cliffs.

How to use Poultry Eggs in Tower of Fantasy

Like other types of ingredients, Poultry Eggs can be used when cooking to create wonderful meals. Simply walk up to a cooking bot and interact with it to see what types of dishes you can make using Poultry Eggs. Make sure to check out the creation menu to try out some unknown recipes. If you decide to eat the Poultry Eggs raw, they will heal your character for three percent of their total health plus an additional 1,000 HP. Poultry Eggs will also regenerate one Satiety point.