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Where to get Plastic Waste in My Time at Sandrock

Help the world by recycling.

My Time at Sandrock takes players out into the once ocean, turned desert, and challenges them to create and build with limited resources. Between the sandstorms and the need to buy or craft your own water to prepare items, players have to juggle many different things. The game’s emphasis on recycling is also a bit challenging, particularly regarding items that can generally only be found through this method. Recycling allows players to access materials and generate them without the hassle by feeding various Waste and Scrap types into the Recycler.

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The Recycler is a tool that has many uses in My Time at Sandrock. The higher the level of your Recycler, the more Waste types you can Recycle. This includes Iron Waste, Rubber Waste, and Plastic Waste. Plastic Waste grants players access to Plastic, Plastic Shell, and Plastic Pipe which become necessary for higher tier crafting recipes but it’s not that easily found.

To locate Plastic Waste, players need to head out into the Desert beyond the bridge towards Gecko Station. The issue with this is that the bridge can only be crossed once you’ve completed a certain phase of your main story. So if you’re looking to get your hands on that Plastic Waste, you’ll have to put in some effort.

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The Plastic Waste lies further up the tracks and is half-buried under the sand. You’ll recognize it by the various plastic drums lying half submerged. In order to harvest the Plastic Waste, you’ll need to equip your Pickhammer. At least an Iron Pickhammer is required to harvest this particular kind of Waste. You’ll also need to use a Civil Recycler to recycle the Waste once you have it. To access the Civil Recycler, make sure you have the blueprint unlocked. Qi, the town’s resident researcher, is the man to speak to if you’re unsure how to unlock the blueprint. He’ll research it for you in exchange for Data Discs.

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