Where to get pocket tissues in Yakuza: Like a Dragon

You’re saving someone’s day.

One of the Part-time Hero jobs you can do in Yakuza: Like a Dragon involves you needing to assist citizens who are stranded in public restrooms. They’re stuck here because they don’t have any pocket tissues to use, and they’re in a bit of a compromising position. There is only one location you can obtain the pocket tissue items in the game.

You want to head back to the Commercial District and then do the Can Quest mini-game. The pocket tissues are one of the many rewards you can buy from this vendor, and that means you need to complete the mini-game enough times to purchase them. You can find them for sale under the ‘other’ category.

Luckily, the pocket tissues only require 200 points, so you may only need to play a Can Quest course on medium or hard difficulty. You need to complete the previous difficulty level to reach a higher one, so if you have not played the Can Quest yet, now’s a good time to complete them and earn some points. 

Once you earn enough, return to the Straight Outta Paper quest giver, and give them the pocket tissues. You can refer back to the quest giver’s location in the Part-time Hero menu underneath the support category. There are five Straight Outta Paper quests, each requiring more pocket tissues. After you complete each quest, a new one shows up in your Part-time Hero menu.

Here are their locations and how much tissue paper they need.

  • Hamakita Park – 1 pocket tissue
  • Kamiuchiu Station – 2 pocket tissues
  • Chinatown – 3 pocket tissues
  • Tsurugame Highway – 5 pocket tissues
  • Iesaki Road – 10 pocket tissues