Where to get Quality Fin in Monster Hunter Rise

They’re quick.

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The numerous creatures in Monster Hunter Rise are full of helpful resources you want to get your hands on. These resources will be used to create new armor, weapons, and gear for your hunter to use to take down some of the toughest foes in the game. For those looking to add the Quality Fin to your collection for a weapon or piece of armor, you’ll have to adventure out into the Sandy Plains to find it. You also want to make sure you have access to high-rank monster quests. You will not be able to find this resource unless you’re able to accept high-ranking hunts. These open up after you’ve completed all of the three-star hunter quests from the hub or completed all of the five-star hunter quests from the village.

The creature that can drop the Quality Fin will be the Delex. It’s a creature that looks like a shark that was made for the sand. You’ll find it exclusively roaming around the Sandy Plains region, primarily in areas 9 and 10. You can find them in the far northern parts of the map.

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The Delex will be swimming through the sand through this area. Normally, they’re content to swim around and do their thing, but you get close enough to them, they’ll veer off and go straight for you. They’re not too difficult, but they can be a little tricky, especially if they remain in the sand. If you have a paralysis weapon and give them a good hit, they should be knocked right out of the sand, and you can make short work of them. They’re a small creature, and they should only take a few hits from you before you can carve them.

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There’s a 40% chance that the Quality Fin will drop on these creatures. You can always order your buddies to go out on a Meowcenaries mission in the Sandy Plains if you see that the Delex will be on a particular route, and you’d rather go after larger monsters.

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