Where to get tar in Valheim

Add shingles to your longhouse.

Many of the housing items in Valheim require you to obtain certain ingredients and find them in a specific biome. For those looking to make some of the darker aesthetics, such as the dark wood gates, shingles, or a wold adornment for your longhouse, you’re going to need to acquire tar. Finding this item will require some of the best armor and weapons in the game, and you’ll want to eat plenty of food to increase your health and stamina.

You’ll be able to find tar within the tar pits in the Plains biome. The Plains biome contains some of the toughest enemies you can find in Valheim, namely the fulings, deathsquitos, and the growths. The growths are the ooze-like creatures that you find in the Swamps, but these creatures use a ranged attack that not only slows you down but it poisons you, so you’ll want to bring plenty of health and stamina potions to combat them.

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The tar will be on the ground near these tar pits, and they sometimes drop off of the tar-like ooze creatures, the growths, that you find bouncing around these locations. Immediately upon holding the tar, you’ll learn plenty of new items that you can craft. Of course, you’ll need a lot of tar to make these items, so we highly recommend regularly visiting the tar pits to find everything you’re looking for to add to your home.

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