Where to get the bow in The Last Of Us Part II

Where you can find and equip the bow and arrow in The Last Of Us Part II.

The Last of Us Part II

The bow is one of the most useful weapons you can get in The Last Of Us Part II. It allows you to take enemies out from range quietly which will come in handy when you are stuck in an area with a lot of enemies. It is nice to have an alternative that will not give you away when you attack and will not break after two uses like the crafted silencer. Here is where you get the bow and arrow in The Last Of Us Part II.

Mild spoilers ahead. The bow cannot be missed in the story, so if you want to go into this completely blind, stop reading now.

Where to get the bow in The Last Of Us Part II

You will get the bow in the chapter titled Day 2 Seattle – Hillcrest. Ellie finds out that a friend might be in trouble by taking on the WLF on their own so she is on a mission to find them and bring them to safety.

At a point in the rescue mission, you will run into a group of humans who have dogs that will follow your scent and reveal you to everyone if they find you. After you get rid of all these enemies, you will hit a point where the road has been destroyed and is too high for you to reach. Enter the pet shop on the left. There will be shambler and a runner in here. Take care of them and move through the kitchen of the restaurant which you can reach from the hole in the wall in the pet shop.

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Now that you have reached the higher point, you will be in a small neighborhood with a few runners strolling around. Take care of them first and move to the house on the left. When you enter here, you will see a hole in the wall you can squeeze through. Do not go through here yet, you will not be able to come back. Instead, search the kitchen and rest of the area for supplies. When done, enter the hole.

The moment you enter the garage, you are attacked by an infected who will grapple you. Knock him off of you with the square button and finish him off with a quick headshot. This guy has a bow stuck inside his fungus body. Interact with him and Ellie will pull the bow out of him and you will learn how to craft arrows. Open the garage door and you will find his backyard that has three mannequins set you where you can practice getting used to the new weapon.