Where to get the Pump Action Shotgun in The Last of Us 2

Close range heart stopper.

The Last of Us Part II

The Last of Us Part 2¬†certainly isn’t easy, throwing you into numerous harrowing situations against an assortment of enemies. Thankfully, it also provides you with plenty of weapon options, even if you do need to track them down. You will need to take a trip to the bank to get the Pump Action Shotgun.

Pump Action Shotgun Location

You can find the Westlake Bank just after you arrive in Seattle. When you arrive at the gate that won’t open and need to track down some gas to power a generator, you will end up exploring a large open area filled with various ramshackle buildings. Head to the junction of 6th Ave and Cherry Street, and you will find a collapsed building. Venture inside, and you will find a tunnel, and you can follow this down to the bank.

When you get to the bank, the main lobby will have roughly half a dozen enemies, including two Clickers. Take them all out carefully then head to the rear of the room, where you will find a door on the left. This door leads to a large vault, and you will need the combination to open the door. This is found on a note in the room and should be 602306.

When you open the door to the vault, you will find a dead body with the Pump Action Shotgun. Pick it up, check the rest of the room, then return to the main lobby. Some more enemies will have appeared, so take them out, and then it is safe to leave.