Where to get the Wandering Noble Ashes in Elden Ring

Recruit your own ghostly army with this powerful summon.

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Ash items are summons, spells that allow you to summon helpful entities in combat. One of the starting items you can choose, for example, is the Fanged Imp Ashes, which summons two weak imps to poke and prod your enemies. One of these powerful summon items is the Wandering Noble Ashes, and here is where to get them in Elden Ring.

From the Church of Elleh, head north-west. You will discover a ramp heading down towards a door, which leads to an area known as the Stormfoot Catacombs. This area is a beginner-friendly dungeon, filled with Gargoyles that can throw daggers and leap down on you from the high ceilings. This area is fairly short but dangerous – and the Wandering Noble Ashes are hidden within.

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The dungeon is straightforward — proceed through it until you reach the spewing fire tunnels. You will have to navigate past both of them to a safe zone, but make sure you time it properly. Without fire resistance or high health, you will die very quickly. You can stop and breathe immediately after reaching the second fire tunnel at the location in the above image — if you step forward too far, you will be hit by the second fire breath. Instead of sprinting to the fire source at the far end of the tunnel, head right and up the ladder.

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You will now be on the third floor of the dungeon. Head straight, being mindful of hidden Gargoyles perched on walls. In the room ahead, you should see a tomb with a corpse slumped against it. This is where you can find the Wandering Noble Ashes, which summons five Noble Spirits to aid you in combat. From here, you can drop down one level to find the lever that opens the boss gate, and continue on your adventure.