Where to get umbrellas in Final Fantasy XIV

Whether you call them umbrellas or parasols, they’ll keep you fancy and dry.

ffxiv umbrellas

Over the last few years, Final Fantasy XIV has thrown a lot of bones to the RP community. From craftable butcher stalls for your lawn to the ability to tag your house as a cafe or a concert hall, Square Enix has taken quite a few cues from role players as to what would make this game more immersive. The newest addition—parasols—makes dressing for the weather much easier.

In a world where Chocobos can get raincoats, why should the Warrior of Light have to slay gods with wet hair?

Where to get a parasol

Parasols are a reward for participating in the Ishgardian Restoration. You can buy a plain black Parasol is available from Enie (x: 12.0 Y: 14.1) in the Firmament for 1,800 skybuilder’s scrips.

Parasols are a tradeable item, so if you don’t craft or gather, you can get one from a friend or buy one on the marketboard.

How to use a parasol

Once you use the item, you’ll receive the message “You acquire the personal effect Parasol.” Under the Actions & Traits menu, select Parasol. You can also drag this button to a hotbar so you can break out your umbrella at any time.

It may be bad luck to open an umbrella indoors, but you can use your parasol inside of the housing. Unfortunately, you can’t activate a parasol while in an instance.