Where to pre-order the new Nintendo Switch OLED Model

If you are interested, check these places.

Image via Nintendo

The Nintendo Switch OLED is on the way, bringing with it a new screen and some small quality of life improvements the Switch has been needing for a while. While these updates may not be as sexy as some people hoped for, this could be a decent purchase for you if the situation is right. If you are interested in the Nintendo Switch OLED model, here is where you can pre-order it, so you are ready for October 8.

As of this writing, Nintendo Switch OLED pre-orders are not live (except for UK shoppers through GAME). That being said, some links from various retailers are live that you can keep an eye on. Being only months away, we expect the new Switch pre-orders to go live sooner rather than later.

The Nintendo Switch OLED model is set to release on October 8. It features a new OLED screen, double the internal storage of past models, a new backstand, and improved speakers for improved audio while gaming on the go.

Amazon (not active yet)

Best Buy

GAME (UK only)