Where to put every item in 2016 – Unpacking item placement guide

2016’s stage sees a continuation of your work from the last chapter.

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Although there isn’t much new story information in Unpacking’s 2015-2016 chapter, it will be a continuation of the house seen in 2013. Thus, any items placed in the previous level will be in the same spots in this chapter, too. That will prove challenging as you’ll now need to adjust what you’ve already put down. No matter, here’s how to quickly finish the home in 2016.

Unpacking the bathroom

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Beginning in the bathroom means you will be starting in one of the easiest rooms in the house. First, take the plant on top of the boxes and set it above the toilet. Next, take the smaller deodorants, creams, and makeup kits and place them in either the medicine cabinet or on the sink. Before this, you may have to rotate some items to ensure everything fits. Then, arrange the pink floor mat directly in front of the sink.

Once that is done, the bigger boxed items and towels can be placed on the rack to the right of the sink. Finish the bathroom by then setting the tall soap bottles on the shower shelf and the red comb in the second drawer from the top.

Unpacking the bedroom

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As we’ve recommended in past levels, start by organizing and stacking similar items together on the floor. Any plants and pen holders can simply be put on the nightstand to the right. Continue by hanging and folding the various shirts on the right side of the closet. Although, you’ll need to set any socks or bras found into the purple bins on the left side.

Most shoes and boots can then be placed on the closet’s floor or on the bottom rack. There will be one pair of tall rain boots that will be required to be set on the highest shelf (as shown above). As usual, set every animal found in the house on the bed, while the purple purse and yoga mat can be tucked underneath. To complete the bedroom, set the red backpack near the foot of the bed and the purple cloth on top.

Unpacking the living room

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The living room is the least demanding, as most of the objects can just be on the shelves to the right. However, be sure to place each plant and the watering containers on the top shelf. From there, books can be set on the middle shelf, with the empty pots and bag of dirt going on the very bottom.

Above the shelves, place the three painted rocks next to either side of the window. Now, simply drag the pillows onto the couch and place the remaining objects on the coffee table to complete the living room.

Unpacking the office

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With no boxes in the office, you’ll need to only hunt down two particular items in other rooms to complete this section. The first will be the brown paintbrushes which should be set inside the white cabinet. The other item is a computer monitor standing in front of the living room door; this should be arranged facing forward on top of the desk.

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Unpacking the kitchen

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First, remove the cleaning materials you’ve placed in the previous stage from the left of the fridge and set them into the sink. With that done, you can now move the wooden dish rack to the right of the sink. Larger items like the green coffee pot and silver pressure cooker can go into the cabinet below the microwave. Every other large dish and ingredient can then be set on top of the shelves and stove fan.

As one may anticipate, the magnets and whiteboard should be attached to either of the fridge doors and each utensil can go into its respective drawer. If done in this order, the last two items (a fish-shaped bowl and house plant) need to be placed anywhere on the dining table.