Which class should you play in Outriders?

Pick your poison.

Image via Square Enix

Outriders is a third-person looter-shooter from People Can Fly. You will be using a combination of firearms and class abilities to lay waste to enemies in a post-apocalyptic world as you try to find the cause for the devastation that has nearly wiped out mankind.

Just like most class based games, the abilities and attributes of the class will set out a specific playstyle, so you will need to pick your class depending on what exactly you want to do in the game. Each class will also have some subclasses that put a unique spin on the gameplay.


Pyromancer are effectively the casters of Outriders. They get a health bonus of 15%, and an Ability Power bonus of 10%, adding a bit more damage to their abilities. What makes the Pyromancer a very interesting option is that you can heal each time an enemy dies that has been marked by a Pyromancer’s abilities. This means if you enjoy the idea of wide range ability spam.


If you are a huge fan of bruiser style gameplay, where you get up close and personal with enemies to do damage, while shrugging off any damage that comes your way, then the Devastator is for you. Devastators enjoy a 25% health bonus, and a 30% armor bonus, making them extremely durable. You also get 24% of you health back every time an enemy dies in closer range. If you like to be right in the middle of the fight, the Devastor is for you.

The Technomancer

While Pyromancer and Devastor has self healing, the Technomancer can be played as the party’s healer as they are the only class that can heal other players. This class suits players who like to see back and engage in long range fighting, as your own low defences will see you quickly brought down if you get too close to concerntrated enemy fire. The good news is that your own damage output has a healing effect on you.


The Trickser class is for players who like to dominate battle through movement. As well as quick movement, you also have the advantage of shield that limits incoming damage, and you gain 20% health and 12% shields every time something dies at close range. If you like the idea of quick, surgical stikes against the enemy, then this is the way to go.