Which college teams are in NBA 2K22?

Thinking about going to school?

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Colleges were added in NBA 2K21, as users could experience the world of NCAA college basketball as part of MyCareer. 10 NCAA teams were in NBA 2K21, and that’s once again the case in NBA 2K22. Players can choose from one of 10 different college teams in MyCareer, and head to university just before you ascend to the pros in MyCareer. But which college teams are in NBA 2K22? Let’s take a look.

Here’s a look at the 10 NCAA teams in NBA 2K22:

  • Florida
  • UCLA
  • Villanova
  • Oklahoma
  • Michigan State
  • Gonzaga
  • Syracuse
  • UConn
  • Texas Tech
  • West Virginia

Unfortunately, no new teams were added for NBA 2K22. The same 10 teams that were in NBA 2K21 are back for NBA 2K22.

However, this year is a bit different, as each school that you can attend offers a unique boost towards badge progress. Some schools offer big boosts toward shooting, while others offer substantial bumps up to defense and rebounding. And, we should note that there are also schools that offer a more balanced boost.

If you need more information on each school, we have a guide that breaks down each. Click the link below to find out more.

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