Which deck should you use in Floppy Knights?

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Floppy Knights from Rose City Games combines two unlikely tactical allies. Tactics fans are treated to a breath of fresh air with the addition of deck building mechanics, and deck builders get to put their skills to the test in unfamiliar territory. The biggest choice you’re going to be making when starting a battle is which deck type you’re going to run. Plants, Monsters, and Hooligans all have their advantages and shortfalls. This guide will help beginners and pros alike understand each deck archetype and help you decide which suits your playstyle and the challenges placed before you.

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Plant decks

Floppy Knight’s Plant decks tend to center skills that grant longevity and units that specialize in support. Running a plant deck is pretty easy, which is great since it’s the first deck type you have access to. That ease of use translates into a sturdy deck in the later game. 

We recommend building your deck around Captain Thistle. His base attack, along with Plow Ahead, makes him an excellent vanguard unit. Your supporting plants will, more likely than not, act as a trailing wall to protect your commander from pincer attacks or any foes that may have escaped your calculations. Plant decks pair well with the poison-related Hooligan cards you’ll unlock later in the game. You’ll also get a lot of utility out of upgrading Sow/Reap as early as possible in your encounters.

If you’re new to tactics or you’re a methodical general, then Plants are most likely the best fit for you. Any map you’re struggling with, or objectives that call for long bouts of survival will become much easier with the use of a plant deck.

Monster decks

Monster decks are explosive. If you’re familiar with Magic: The Gathering, they’re similar to red decks. Many of your monster units will be cheap to get on the field and frail at first; you’re incentivized to throw them out and rack up as much damage in one turn as possible. Big Mad is one of the few slow burns in the Monster roster; they gain attack in proportion to the amount of damage they’ve taken. The aggressive playstyle of Monster Decks can easily be balanced out by some support from the pool of Plant cards. Treefolk Rock, in particular, is one of the most effective cards to add to a Monster Deck. 

Monster decks are great for wiping boards and missions where you’re tasked with protecting Bernard. Sometimes the best defense is a good offense, so if you’re struggling with missions that ask you to protect a target, Monsters will punch through the opposition, giving you breathing room.

Hooligan decks

Hooligan decks like having units on the field. Your 1,000 Cuts/Sweet Move card will be the bread and butter of any Hooligan deck. As your presence on the field grows, the card becomes more effective, giving you free movement and tons of damage. Your ranged and poison units are able to pepper a ton of damage all over the map in a single turn. 

Hooligans tend to be frail. A deck loaded with movement options will ensure you’re able to duck back out of attack ranges, adding to their longevity without diluting your deck with cards that grant armor or healing. Any bonus challenges that ask you to eliminate a target within a certain number of turns will fold under the blitz tactics your Hooligans can pull off.