Which Gameplay Style should you choose in MLB The Show 21?

New gameplay options are here.

Image via Sony San Diego

With MLB The Show 21 coming to Xbox for the first time ever in the series’ history, it was a perfect time for Sony San Diego to bring some new features into their long-running baseball simulator. With the Xbox fanbase being added into the mix, it only made sense for new ways to teach new players how to play and keep the returning player base who are more competitive in mind. With that, MLB The Show 21 brings in Gameplay Styles. Here is what they are and what you should choose for your profile.

Gameplay Styles are three separate ways for players to experience baseball in MLB The Show 21. The three styles are Casual, Simulation, and Competitive. While you choose which mode you want to play the first time you play the game, you can change this setting at any time if you want to try the others. There are various individual choices you can make in settings to find an in-between spot for each of these styles.


Casual is meant to teach new players to The Show how to play the game. It is easier to pick up and play with a little more help from the AI and lesser reliance on each team’s make-up and player skills. If you want a simplified approach to this baseball game that helps you learn how to do things like field balls off the wall better, choose Casual.


Simulation is essentially the classic MLB The Show experience. If you have played the game in the past, you know how this operates. Team build and player skills are more relied on in regards to how each team performs. If you have played The Show in the past, you will feel at home choosing Simulation.


Competitive is the Gameplay Style chosen for Online head-to-head games, even if you do not select it for your offline modes. As you would guess, it is more focused on providing a fairly balanced experience between both teams to give a better online experience. If you are very serious about showing you are the best, choose this Gameplay Style.