Which weapon should you upgrade first in Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart?

Invest wisely.

Weapons will always be a standout feature in Ratchet and Clank, and Rift Apart is no exception. The game throws a huge number of incredible weapons at you, and you will need to figure out which ones you want to upgrade. All weapons level up just by using them, but you can also get a resource called Rareitanium.

This can be found hidden throughout the game’s many levels and can be used at Mrs. Zurkon stores to upgrade your weapons and make them more powerful. However, because you may only discover a limited amount, you will want to focus on specific weapons for your upgrades.

The Blast Pistol

The first weapon you get in the game, the Blast Pistol, can get the job done from start to finish. It might not be flashy, but it is effective and has plenty of ammo pop up through the campaign. After a few levels, you get a triple shot from this, making it fantastic at clearing out enemies, and you can upgrade it for faster projectile travel time, increased headshot damage, and a bigger ammo pool.


Shatterbomb is great for single target damage and dealing with hordes of enemies, and you can get it very early in the game. Upgrading this beast to get the Second Shatter perk means it will set off chains of explosions, absolutely melting anything around you.

Topiary Sprinkler

This will turn enemies into plants, meaning it can really save your bacon in a tough fight. Not only that, you can upgrade it so defeat enemies who were in plant form when they die will drop health.


The Ricochet is a very fun weapon that once again excels against groups of enemies. You should be able to get this pretty early in the game and it is worth leveling up and spending some time with it. The only downside is that weapon is a bit greedy, and you can’t easily switch to something else if you really want to take advantage of it.

Lightning Rod

You should jump on the Lightning Rod as soon as it pops up for you as an option in the store. This is equally good at doing damage to groups or bosses after some upgrades and is a real workhorse against tougher enemies.