Who are the best tight ends in Madden 21?

Some very familiar faces are at the top.

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Tight ends in football have multiple purposes. Teams need tight ends to get open in the passing game and block for the halfback when a running play is called. Because of this, you’ll want a dominant tight end on your side in Madden? But who are the best tight ends in Madden 21? The top of the list features two players who were in Super Bowl LIV this past February, George Kittle and Travis Kelce.

49ers TE George Kittle did not make the ’99 Club,’ but he came awfully close. Kittle received a 98 overall rating, the highest among players at the tight end position. Chiefs TE Travis Kelce, meanwhile, received the second-highest rating from the Madden team. Kelce, who helped the Chiefs win their second Super Bowl in franchise history this past February, will start 2020 with a 97 overall rating. New Buccaneers TE Rob Gronkowski, who came out of retirement this past spring, received the third-highest rating (95).

Here are the top ten tight ends in Madden 21, sorted by overall rating:

  1. George Kittle – 98
  2. Travis Kelce – 97
  3. Rob Gronkowski – 95
  4. Zack Ertz – 90
  5. Austin Hooper – 89
  6. Evan Engram – 88
  7. Jared Cook – 87
  8. Mark Andrews – 86
  9. Greg Olsen – 86
  10. Darren Waller – 85