Who are the voice actors in Shadow of Rose in Resident Evil Village? Full voice cast

Giving voice to a treacherous world.

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Players step back into the eerie world of the Village with the DLC of Resident Evil Village – Shadow of Rose, 16 years after the main events take place. A beleaguered and exhausted Rosemary takes center stage as she attempts to find a way to find a way to permanently remove her powers and experience the thrills of being normal. While short, this DLC is filled with twists and turns (along with a few familiar faces) as Rosemary comes to terms with who she truly is.

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Protagonist voice actors in Shadow of Rose

There are two primary actors that are featured within the DLC Shadow of Rose, with one being a new entrance into this Resident Evil iteration. Ethan Winters is prominently placed around the outskirts of the primary narrative, and Rosemary Winters is now a young adult woman.

  • Ethan Winters — voiced by Todd Soley
  • Rosemary Winters — voiced by Jeannie Tirado
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Antagonist voice actors in Shadow of Rose

Note: this section may offer spoilers for upcoming characters and bosses.

Not to be outdone, the antagonists have a few stars fleshing out and reprising their roles from the original Resident Evil Village, with some dastardly turnabouts waiting to shock players. The Duke arrives eager for a hunt, Eveline wants to prove she’s the best daughter, and Mother Miranda herself comes to finish the savage orchestra conducted against the young Rosemary Winters.

  • The Duke — Aaron LaPlante
  • Eveline — Paula Rhodes
  • Mother Miranda — Michelle Lukas

However everything may all shake out in the end for our young Rosemary Winters, Resident Evil continues its penchant for outstanding voice acting with this cast. Next time your skin crawls at a raspy voice line, give a quick nod to the voice acting pedigree within Resident Evil Village – Shadow of Rose.