Who does the missing cane belong to in Sherlock Homes Chapter One?

It really is an extraordinary cane.

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The case of the lost cane is a tricky one in Sherlock Holmes Chapter One. You must deduce which individual was careless enough to leave their cane lying on the table in the hotel. One must possess cunning and intelligence to discover this information. Luckily, Sherlock Holmes is on the case.

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After investigating the cane, Sherlock will state that he requires assistance from some of the nearby guests and should inquire with them about who the owner may be. Talking with the nearby guests will give you the next clue to the puzzle. A former Navy officer was seen with a couple at that table earlier. You will need to head outside to track down this individual.

This is the perfect opportunity to use Sherlock’s concentration ability. This allows him to focus on an individual and gain key knowledge about them. Head outside and concentrate on the different people out there until you spot the retired military officer. It should be the man standing next to the gate to the left when you walk out the door.

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The retired officer will tell you that the couple that the cane belongs to went to see the medium. You now have the perfect excuse to go inside. Head over to the foyer to find Jon and walk up to the door to initiate a cutscene. Afterward, you will need to investigate the owner of the cane. It turns out that you are in the presence of Lord Andrew Craven.