Who is Anna in The Last of Us? Answered

Nothing compares to a mother’s love.

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Warning: This article may contain spoilers for HBO’s The Last of Us episode nine.
HBO’s The Last of Us TV series has unfortunately reached its end, but not before introducing us to several memorable characters. Although Joel and Ellie are undoubtedly the stars of this dystopian tale, many of the supporting figures shown throughout were just as important in building the seemingly hopeless world of the show. However, there was another extremely important character that was only shown during the last episode named Anna. If you want to know exactly who she is, then you’ll be able to find out more below.

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Who is Ellie’s mom in The Last of Us?

Ellie’s mom in The Last of Us is none other than the brave Anna whose final moments were shown during the beginning of episode nine. Before the onset of the Cordyceps brain infection, Anna worked as a nurse and it was at this point that she also became good friends with Marlene, who eventually became the leader of the fireflies. After the outbreak, she became pregnant with Ellie after which she unfortunately passed away. Before she did, however, Anna was able to give her switchblade to Marlene, which she then gave to Ellie who still keeps it until now.

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Who plays Anna in HBO’s The Last of Us?

In HBO’s The Last of Us Anna is played by Ashley Johnson, an American actress known for her roles on TV and film, in titles such as Growing Pains, Avengers, and Blindspot. However, Johnson is also known for portraying Ellie in The Last of Us video game created by Naughty Dog.

How does Anna die in The Last of Us?

Anna died a mere day after giving birth to Ellie, after Marlene killed her due to the bite that she suffered from a runner while she was going through labor. Although her cause of death wasn’t exactly specified in the game, the HBO show does a much more thorough job of telling her story thanks to the final episode’s opening scenes. This may also explain where Ellie’s immunity comes from as she may have acquired it after her mother got bitten.