Who is Artemis in No Man’s Sky?

A mysterious stranger just out of reach.


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No Man’s Sky allows players to fly off and do pretty much anything they want. You can become a trader, an explorer, or follow what little main story there is to an endpoint. Along each path, you’ll come across a fellow Traveller known as Artemis. This guide explains who Artemis is and what your interactions with them will be throughout each playthrough.

Who is Artemis?

Artemis is another Traveller who will contact you from time to time in any given playthrough in No Man’s Sky. They’re linked to the Atlas Rises update and will trigger the start of the Artemis Path, one of the main questlines that you can follow in No Man’s Sky.

No one knows what Artemis’ relation to the player character is. However, because Artemis was the sister of Apollo in Greek mythology, it’s thought that Artemis is the sister of another traveler in No Man’s Sky, Apollo. Unfortunately, developer Hello Games has yet to comment on the true identity of either of these characters.

How do you meet Artemis?

You don’t need to go searching for Artemis; they’ll contact you. You’ll come across a distress beacon early on in your playthrough, and following it will lead you to a crashed ship. This crashed ship is Artemis’, and you’ll be contacted by Artemis soon after finding it.

Artemis will try to speak to you again not long after that initial contact but request that you find a signal booster to do so. If you do, you’ll get to see them in the flesh, but they’re in another dimension or galaxy. You can choose to either lie to them or tell them the truth.

Following the Artemis Path leads to you meeting Nada and Polo on the Anomaly and spurs you on to complete Explorers Guild missions, exploring the galaxy around you. At some point during these missions, Artemis will contact you again. As before, you can choose to lie to them or tell them the truth. Choosing to tell them the truth allows you to come to a powerful realization regarding the death of the Atlus.