Who is the mysterious voice speaking to Sonic in the Sonic Frontiers trailer?

It may be someone you least expect.

Image via Sega

In the latest trailer for Sonic Frontiers, a ghostly voice calls out to Sonic as he is running through the forest and facing a new enemy threatening Starfall Islands. But the question is, who does the mysterious, life-saving voice belong to? Could it be coming from a new friend, or someone close to the Blue Blur?

Earlier leaks posted on the Sonic Rangers subreddit prior to the official title reveal show that Sonic may encounter a ghost girl who will act as his companion. Because The Game Awards didn’t have the captions to reveal who was speaking to him, fans have assumed that the voice belongs to the invisible, spectral being. However, two sources reveal that the mysterious voice may be coming from a familiar character.

According to the Sonic Retro forums, Japanese Sonic voice actor Junichi Kanemaru revealed in a tweet that the voice in the trailer belongs to Amy Rose, but his tweet has since been deleted. In the Xbox version of the trailer, however, the captions inadvertently reveal that the voice speaking to Sonic is his self-proclaimed girlfriend.

Image via Sega/Xbox

If the voice is Amy Rose’s, it sounds quite different this time around. Back in February, Cindy Robinson tweeted that she would no longer be voicing the fierce, independent pink hedgehog shortly after Roger Craig Smith initially announced he would no longer voice Sonic only to reprise him not even four months later. Sega has not yet revealed who Amy’s new voice actor will be.

Amy being the mysterious voice guiding Sonic might make some sense. In addition to tarot cards, she dabbles in psychomancy, which is a form of communication between souls and spirits. She demonstrates this in the English sub of Sonic X, where her thoughts of Sonic get him thinking about her.