Who is the Narrator in Hooked on You: A Dead by Daylight Dating Sim? Answered

Where’s that voice coming from?

Image via Behaviour Interactive

If you have played Dead By Daylight, you should recognize all of the faces you see in Hooked On You, the dating simulator spin-off of the horror game. However, while you are playing, you will see the text of someone else without a body, the Narrator. Let’s find out who plays the Narrator in Hooked On You: A Dead By Daylight Dating Sim.

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Who plays the Narrator in Hooked On You? Narrator identity revealed

Simply put, the Narrator is no character from Dead By Daylight and is just the Narrator. You never see them, and all they do is explain the situation around you. Sometimes they will break the fourth wall and interact with other characters, but this is merely a joke since it is essentially a comedy game.

Early in the game, it is apparent that the Narrator and the Ocean communicate together, and the Narrator seems to imply that they are just a random voice in your head. You do not know how you ended up on Murderer’s Island or your past, so maybe some injury has caused you to hear the voice. There is also a hint that The Trickster knows about the Narrator, but that does not go too far. As stated above, it is all essentially one big joke that allows the game to break the fourth wall more often. Think of the Narrator as the voice inside of Deadpool’s head in Marvel comics.

If you were looking for something a little more serious, we really recommend looking at a different game. Hooked On You is simply a big joke that takes something as scary as a Killer from a slasher theme and imagines what they would look like sexy while on a tropical island. There is no important Dead By Daylight lore to take from this.