Why doesn’t my Call of Duty: Warzone match start unless there are 150 players?

Bugs and teething issues could be the cause of the problem.

Call of Duty Warzone

Image via Activision

In Call of Duty: Warzone, the action is intense and huge amounts of fun, with a number of cool additions to the series that give it enough flavor to differentiate it from the mainline series latest entry, Modern Warfare. It allows up to 150 players in a single lobby in solo, duos, or trios to play against each other, with cash to collect, contracts to fulfill, and people to fight within the Gulag after being killed on the main map.

However, all is currently not well with the game. When entering the new game mode, the game can cause you to queue for some time, as the settings for each server currently appear to only allow a game to start once the lobby has reached full capacity. This may not be a problem when you are playing in a solo queue, but duos and trios especially will likely be left frustrated that finding a match is taking time to fill the numbers.

There are also reports that the game lobbies are currently bugged. This issue reportedly causes players who are in the pre-game lobby to stay there even after the game server has launched and to remain there while being unable to load into the game.

These two reasons, combined with the usual teething issues that are expected for new online-only games at launch, are likely why your game won’t start until the lobby is full, or even at all. There is also a question mark over whether the issues also affect the standalone version of the game, as the issues reported so far appear to be coming from the mode within Modern Warfare.

Considering the amount of marketing and hype surrounding the new game, it’s unlikely that the bugs will be left for long, so we expect them to be ironed out as the launch day goes on.