Why is Minecraft Marketplace not working? How to check the Marketplace’s server status

Not my Minecoins!

Image via Mojang

The Minecraft Marketplace is one of the highest traffic stops in all video games. With this stress constantly being put on the servers, issues might pop up every now and then. Even the most stable of marketplaces will occasionally run into its service dropping. If you are trying to access the Minecraft Marketplace and it is not working, here is how to check its server status.

If you are having trouble accessing the Minecraft Marketplace, we recommend checking Mojang Support on Twitter first. If Minecraft is having big problems, the development team will announce them here and say if there is an expected time for it to be back up. Mojang is usually pretty quick in being responsive to these service outages.

Additionally, be sure to check Xbox’s support page. Even if you are playing on a PlayStation or Nintendo console, all of Minecraft’s online content runs through Xbox’s servers. If the overall service is down, you can find out more information there.

If you have found nothing on either page, we recommend getting in contact with Xbox support. They will be able to point you in the right direction and may find out what issue is currently keeping you from your purchased content or the overall store.