Why is Valorant’s Shooting Range not working and when will it be back up? – Valorant Range status

No more practicing for you.

Is Valorant Down, How to check Valorant's server status

Image via Riot Games

As is the case with many other online multiplayer video games, snags will come every now and then. If the servers get overloaded, it can negatively affect the game in other areas. That is the current situation with Valorant, which is having some issues and has disabled the Shooting Range. Here is what you need to know about the situation and when it will come back.

As of this writing, you currently can not access the Shooting Range in Valorant because Riot Games have temporarily shut it down alongside Custom Games. The reasoning they gave on Twitter was that so many people have been playing on these side modes that it is negatively affecting the matchmaking in the core game. To make more room for the servers to focus on what the game aims for, they have momentarily shut down the Practice Range and Custom Games.

Unfortunately, this shutdown will affect you if you live in North America, Brazil, or Latin America regions. There is currently no announced expected return for the Shooting Range. We recommend keeping an eye on the Valorant Twitter account in the meantime if you are missing the side mode and taking advantage of the better matchmaking in the core game while things are more focused on that.