Why is Xbox Live party chat not working? How to check Xbox Live’s server status

Microsoft offers several ways to figure how and when you can get back to talking with your friends online.

Screenshot via Xbox YouTube

If you’re struggling to maintain a party together with your friends on Xbox Live, the issue could be one of several factors, ranging from a small bug to a worldwide network outage. These sorts of troubles can also result in game downloads halting and the loss of all online connectivity. Luckily, the platform offers plenty of solutions to your problem, each taking you only seconds to do.

How to find out if Xbox Live is down

Typically when there are issues with one of Xbox’s networking features, the main cause of this is an outage or server maintenance. Although your console may not notify you of this, it is always best to check the Xbox Status page to see if the service is in good health. On the site, you’ll spot one of three status types: Up and Running, Limited, and Outage. If all services are up and running, then it may be best to simply restart your console by holding down the Xbox button on your controller and see if the issue subsides.

For those spotting the Limited or Outage status, scroll down the page to find the feature you are having trouble with and see if it has been affected as well. In most cases, the Xbox Support’s Twitter account will inform followers of any possible issues just moments after they happen and may even give a timeframe for when these will be fixed.

Microsoft does occasionally release mandatory updates that will keep users offline until they have been installed. To see if this is the case, head to the console’s settings, click on System, and then Updates. Here, you can manually download any new updates you may need. If your problems are still not resolved, it is always worth connecting to a text chat with Xbox’s customer support via the Xbox Support’s contact page. The support team may even know of an outage or networking feature being down before the Status page indicates one.