Wild Hearts Monster List – All Kemono in Wild Hearts

Gotta catch em all.

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The Kemono are the creatures that rule over the fantastical realm of Azuma. In Wild Hearts, giant and small Kemono roam around each environment, looking to thwart any would-be hunters who wander into their territory. Keeping track of these Kemono is vital to crafting upgrades and creating new sets of armor. Below, you’ll find a full list of all Kemono in Wild Hearts.

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All Giant Kemono in Wild Hearts

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Each of the four open-world environments in Wild Hearts has a diverse set of small and large Kemono to hunt. Giant Kemono are the big boss monsters that control each zone, and defeating them is how you advance the story and earn powerful upgrades for your hunter. Once you encounter a Giant Kemono, you can track them in the Cyclopedia tab located in your Menu, but here is a list of them all:

  • Amaterasu
  • Cobalt Lavaback
  • Deathstalker
  • Dreadclaw
  • Earthbreaker
  • Emberplume
  • Fumebeak
  • Goldshard
  • Golden Tempest
  • Gritdog
  • Icetusk
  • Kingtusk
  • Lavaback
  • Pearlbeak
  • Ragetail
  • Ripclaw
  • Sapscourge
  • Spineglider
  • Sporetail
  • Venomglider

Each of these creatures comes in two primary variants. The standard default variant and a Mighty version. Mighty variants are more challenging and have unique abilities that can catch unsuspecting hunters by surprise. Keep an eye on your Cyclopedia and turn them into unique armor and weapons.