Will Apex Legends Mobile’s exclusive characters come to the main game? Answered

Will we get to play game’s mobile exclusive characters on other platforms?

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Apex Legends is one of the popular battle royale games available on multiple platforms, including Nintendo Switch. Its significant global success eventually led to its release on mobile devices. While the game might not be as interactive and smooth on a mobile device compared to other platforms, there are several upsides to playing the game on mobile devices. You play the game on the fly, and there is in-game content exclusive to the mobile version. Most notably, the mobile version has seen the addition of characters that are yet to be seen in the other game versions. On that note, console and handheld players would be wondering if Apex Legends Mobile’s exclusive characters will come to the main game.

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When will Apex Legends Mobile exclusive characters get added to the main game?

Respawn currently has no plans to release Mobile exclusive characters to the main game. The studio confirmed this long back when Legend Fade was added to the game.

The mobile-exclusive characters might get added to the main game, and with the lore of different characters being closely tied, it’s likely to happen. However, developer Respawn Entertainment has yet to reveal a timeline for the characters to be added to the main game. Furthermore, since the game’s mobile version is fairly new compared to the main game, it can take a while before we see it happen. There is also a possibility of a crossover event between the mobile version and the main game in the future, where a character is released in both versions.