How to play Rhapsody in Apex Legends Mobile

Utilize the Legend to become the perfect teammate.

Screenshot via Respawn Entertainment

Following in Fade’s footsteps, Rhapsody has debuted in Apex Legends Mobile as almost the complete opposite of her predecessor. This is because the Legend holds no abilities that will deal damage to enemies, resulting in her being classified as a Support character. Despite Supporters being seen in a lesser light than offensive or defensive Legends, Rhapsody is actually much more than meets the eye. Here’s how to get the most out of Season 2’s Legend and become the ultimate teammate.

Visualize footsteps with Gifted Ear

Screenshot by Gamepur

One major power that seems to go unmentioned is that the Legend can quite literally gift her Gifted Ear Passive to teammates. This can take effect once you’ve unlocked the Volume Control perk in her skill tree and activated Tactical ability Hype Anthem in-game. That means your entire team will now be notified by the game’s HUD whenever enemy footsteps are less than 50 meters away.

However, it is equally important that you know how to read Gifted Ear’s on-screen graphic. You will first likely experience the Passive when a marker displays a purple footstep that points you in the direction of a moving enemy. If this footstep is purple, this equates to an opponent being 30 to 50 meters away from Rhapsody. Though, the footstep will be white if they are any closer to you. In sum, Gifted Ear isn’t a flashy ability by any means, but it gives you more than enough time to track enemy locations and prepare for battle.

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Heal with Hype Anthem

Screenshot by Gamepur

Rhapsody’s moveset may not revolve around healing like Lifeline’s, though her Tactical can be tuned to function almost in the same manner as D.O.C. Heal Drone. For those unfamiliar, this Hype Anthem ability initially speeds up her and all nearby teammates, and also restores up to two bars of everyone’s shields. As if that wasn’t enough, its potential soars once you have equipped the Harmony perk. Once purchased with three Tokens, it will increase the speed of revives and amount of health received from healing supplies whenever Hype Anthem is active.

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Use Rhapsody’s Rowdy Rave Ultimate only when neccessary

Screenshot by Gamepur

There are many pros and cons for using the Rowdy’s Rave Ultimate ability and you can very easily wind up eliminated if it is not used at the correct times. The move consists of the Legend deploying a colorful light display that is about 30 meters long and 10 meters high, blocking the sights and scans of opponents on the opposite end (as shown above). More importantly, this light display is not solid, so it is possible to fire and deal damage from either side.

Starting with its benefits, any player that comes in contact with the display will have their location revealed to Rhapsody. So, not only will enemies be pointed out to you, but they won’t be able to see that you are firing at them — resulting in far too easy eliminations. Rowdy’s Rave can also be combined with the Rowdy’s Rhythm perk which bolsters reload speed times when the display is deployed.

Despite all of its great powers, we cannot go without warning you that bombastic EDM tracks will be played whenever Rowdy’s Rave is on the field. In consequence, you will not want to use the Ultimate in over-populated areas with it most likely attracting each enemy squad around. It is also worth mentioning that enemies can abruptly teardown the Ultimate by eliminating Rowdy, the bot which stands directly behind it. Rowdy bears just over 200 health, so expect to see at least one sniper trying to take the bot out from a distance.

Best game modes for Rhapsody

The mobile-exclusive character certainly works wonders when supporting your friends in the game’s Battle Royale modes, but she does thrive in many others, too. For instance, Rhapsody is practically made to be played in the Hack game mode. If she is part of the Hacker squad, Tactical ability Hype Anthem will give teammates more than enough speed to beat out the Defenders to objectives.