Will Heatran be shiny during five-star raids in Pokémon Go? – January 7, 2022

What are your chances?

Image via Niantic

When battling against a legendary Pokémon in Pokémon Go, these battles offer some of the best rewards in the game. These rewards also include the possibility of a shiny version of the Pokémon, if it’s available. Heatran is one of the legendary Pokémon you can expect to see regularly appear in five-star raids. Will Heatran have a chance to be shiny in five-star raids for Pokémon Go? You’ll be able to catch it from January 7 to 13, 2022.

The Heatran raids that begin on January 7 for the Mountains of Power event have been confirmed to feature a chance for you to encounter a shiny version of this legendary Pokémon. You’ll need to make sure you have a Raid Pass on your account, you have a Remote Raid Pass if another player from far away invites you, or you can purchase these in the Pokémon Go store.

You want to make sure you’re using a Ground, Fighting, or Water-type Pokémon capable of using any of these types of attacks to beat it. The more Pokémon you have to hit Heatran’s limited weaknesses, the higher chance you have of succeeding. It also helps to have more trainers at your side to beat it.

You have a limited time and amount of raid tickets to encounter Heatran. If you want to wait until the perfect moment to go after it in raids, the weekly Raid Hour from 6 PM to 7 PM in your local time zone is sometimes best. The weekly raid hour typically replaces all Pokémon Raids with the featured legendary, making it pretty easy for everyone to find.