Will MLB The Show 21 come with a free next-gen upgrade?

MLB The Show 21 is confirmed to be taking the NBA 2K21 upgrade route.

Image via Sony San Diego

There’s been a continuous trend of confusion on whether or not certain games will offer free upgrades to PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X/S when purchased on the previous generation first. The same can be said for MLB The Show 21, but fine print now says that fans will need to give up some extra cash if they want both the current and next-gen versions.

Unlike Madden or FIFA, this year’s baseball simulator will not offer a free next-gen copy with the purchase of the current generation’s Standard Edition. Though, that doesn’t mean you’ll need to pay for the game twice over. According to a the game’s site, those desiring to own both versions will need to buy the MLB The Show 21: Collector’s Edition bundle, available on both Xbox and PlayStation.

How much does MLB The Show 21’s Collector’s Edition cost?

Upon its reveal, The Collector’s Edition had been renamed MLB The Show 21: The Jackie Robinson Edition. This edition will hold a $84.99 price tag, and includes a copy of both the current and next-gen version of the game. In addition, players will be rewarded with additional Diamond Dynasty cards and Stub currency.

The Jackie Robinson Edition also has a Deluxe variant. This edition will cost $99.99, but will feature a next-gen upgrade, the bonus Diamond Dynasty content, as well as this year’s New Era Cap collectible.

When purchasing either of the Jackie Robinson Editions for Xbox One, players will have access to a copy for Xbox Series X/S, as a PS5 copy will go to those who buy one of these editions on PS4. MLB The Show 21 will be released on April 20 for Xbox and PlayStation consoles, and will also support cross-play for these platforms upon launch.