Will Pokémon Go get a subscription service?

A new store category could be on the way.

Image via Niantic

Speculation is on the rise following the release of a new datamine on Reddit by the PokMiners group for Pokémon Go. The team delved into the APK code and found plenty of information regarding Mega Evolution. The team found some concrete evidence that points to the fact that Pokémon Go might be receiving a subscription plan players have the option to purchase in the game.

The subscription portion has its own category in the breakdown. The post details, “We saw hints at a subscription service a long time ago, but now as part of the Store section, a Subscription Category has been added in this version. Would be interesting how and what looks like.”

The only confirmation the breakdown had was that a possible subscription service is likely coming to the game. Niantic has not made any comments regarding the addition of a service like this, and it’s unknown how it would look like. Adding a subscription service alongside the long-awaited release of Mega Evolutions could make players feel they need to access this service to use the new system.

Paid subscriptions are a good way for players to access a variety of items and tools to use while playing the game far faster than they usually would if they didn’t pay for it. If Pokémon Go received a paid subscription, it would depend on the significant differences between free and paid players. Would subscription players have access to more Pokémon evolutions and quests? Would these quests be available to everyone, but do paid players have a higher chance of completing a quest because of their benefits?

Right now, a lot of how the subscription service may work is purely speculative. The breakdown merely breaks down the code added to the game. The people working on it do not have a magnifying glass look at what’s exactly going on behind that code, at least, not yet. We can expect something to happen sometime soon, likely when Niantic decides to announce how Mega Evolution will work and what players need to do to access. Many believe it will be through a quest, which will hopefully be available to everyone in due time.