Will The Outer Worlds have DLC?


The Outer Worlds has proven to be an excellent RPG created by Obsidian Entertainment, the creative minds behind Fallout: New Vegas. The positive reception revolving around the game has many people eager to dive in, create a character, and explore the beautiful landscape. There’s plenty to check out with the game, too. So don’t hesitate to find yourself in the Halycon Colonies. Players are curious, is there going to be available DLC for the game, and when is it coming out?

Will The Outer Worlds have DLC?

The answer to this question is unknown. At this time, Obsidian has not come forward to confirm if they’re going to continue this story of the game. There’s been no official announcement for DLC. However, the reviewers have come forward to say it’s a great game. The game is getting extremely positive reviews. There’s no reason not to believe The Outer Worlds is going to get a DLC pack. Plus, when you finish the game, you’re going to notice your map inside of your ship contains planets you have never visited yet. These are likely going to serve as the locations players visit when it does come out.

Additionally, Obsidian is pretty good about handling DLC and making it unique. For example, when they created Pillars of Eternity and the game’s sequel, both titles came out with sizeable expansions that added new layers to the game. These were announced later, though, following the game’s release. Players had reason to suspect there was going to be DLC for both titles, but Obsidian takes its time to make a formal announcement.

So, if Obsidian is planning to release DLC for The Outer Worlds, we can expect to hear about it in the next few months. Pillars of Eternity‘s first DLC, The White March, got announced at E3 2015, several months after the base game’s launch. Using that as an indicator, we’re likely going to hear something at this year’s Video Game Awards, much like we did when we first heard about the game back in 2018.

Don’t be too disheartened, The Outer Worlds fans. Obsidian takes steps to make sure their player base enjoy their product well past the initial launch date. You can expect to explore new locations in the game sometime in the future.

When we learn those dates, we’ll make sure they get shared here, and everyone hears about the announcement. Here’s hoping to get some superb new companions.