Will Ubisoft+ be a part of Xbox Game Pass?

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Rainbow Six Extraction guide

Image via Ubisoft

With the announcement of Ubisoft+ coming to Xbox, there has been confusion surrounding the company’s subscription service. Many have been questioning whether it’s included as a part of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate in a similar manner to EA Play, which used to be a separate subscription. This isn’t the case with Ubisoft+.

Ubisoft has confirmed that access to Ubisoft+ requires a separate subscription from Game Pass. With that said, you shouldn’t expect the publisher’s output to disappear from Microsoft’s service altogether. Rainbow Six Extraction coming to Game Pass on launch day is an indication that you’ll still see the occasional Ubisoft game on the service. Further details regarding its launch date and pricing have yet to be revealed.

Ubisoft’s subscription launched on PC a little over two years ago under UPLAY+ before being rebranded as Ubisoft+. The service gives users access to over 100 Ubisoft titles ranging from classics to new releases.

In addition to launch day access, Ubisoft+ also includes premium editions and season passes. This inclusion of post-launch content brings it in line with EA Play Pro, which offers the same incentives for its games. It’s worth noting that EA’s higher-tier subscription remains a separate purchase, suggesting we may never see Ubisoft+ come to Game Pass.