The Witcher 3 – Should You Buy the Sword from the Bandits?


That amount of time I spend researching decisions in The Witcher 3 is insane. Almost every quest, whether a main or side, has players making choices that can drastically alter Geralt’s future. In Velen, north of Lindenvale on a bridge, a somewhat less important decision can be made, and it has to do with whether Geralt should buy the sword from the bandits looting the dead bodies.

Should You Buy the Sword?

The Witcher 3 Buy the Sword from Bandits
Should You Buy the Sword? • TL;DR Games • Fair Use

The short answer is that you should not buy the sword from the bandits. The cost is 525 Crowns, and for that you get a sword called Mourner. It’s a steel sword, and if you get there early enough in the game it might be an upgrade to what you’re currently using. However, it’s the 525 Crowns that have me declaring this a bad deal.

Remember, these are bandits, and Geralt tends not to get along with bandits. Therefore, tell them you don’t want to buy the sword, exiting the conversation when you can. When you’re free to move about, attack the bandits and kill them. Once you’ve done this, you’ll be free to snag the Mourner sword from the dead body of the would-be seller.

It’s also worth noting that you can get a tiny bit of XP if you buy the sword. If Crowns are no trouble, and you are looking to do everything possible to push your rank forward, maybe buying the sword is the way to go. The funny thing is, if you buy one, then kill the bandits, you’ll find a second Mourner sword among the dead bodies. Now you have one to use, and one to sell in hopes of recovering some of your Crowns.

Now that you know not to buy the sword from the bandits near Lindenvale, check out more of our coverage. The Witcher 3 is a favorite game of ours, and there will be more guides like this popping up even though the game is three years old.