Everything You Get When You Pre-order The Witcher 3 Complete Edition for Nintendo Switch


Rumors were going around that Nintendo was going to bring The Witcher 3 to the Nintendo Switch, and these out to be accurate as the announcement came out during the company’s E3 conference. We got a brief glimpse of Geralt of Rivia fighting terrifying monsters from the portable console. For anyone who has yet to embark on this dark, emotional journey is going to have an excellent time with it playing Witcher 3 wherever they want. We now have new details about what players are going to get when they purchase The Witcher 3 Complete edition for the Nintendo switch.

Everything Coming to the Witcher 3 Complete Edition for the Switch


Witcher 3 later released with two massive expansions that added a great deal to the overall game. These were Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine. Each of these new journeys took Geralt to a new part of the world, introducing new forms of creatures, magic, and exciting storylines for the insightful Witcher to embark on in the high-fantasy world.

Both of these expansions are going to come in the complete edition at no additional cost.

Physical Items

For those who purchase the physical the edition of the Witcher 3 Complete edition, you’re also going to receive a small map of the entire game, a compendium, along with stickers of Geralt’s magical wolf necklace that the monster-hunter uses to warn him of nearby magic.

There are no higher editions of the game, so players are only going to receive this version when they pre-order the game.

Pre-ordering the Game

There’s no listing about pre-ordering the game on Nintendo’s website, at this time. But you can pre-order the title from Amazon or BestBuy, right now for $60.

Those who purchase the physical edition are going to receive a 32GB cartridge, and you won’t have to install any updates unless some come out post-launch. Unfortunately, due to the Switch’s lower hardware capabilities, players won’t be able to play on a higher capacity like the PlayStation 4, Xbox One or a PC can handle. When you Witcher 3 in the handheld mode you can expect to see the gameplay in 540, and when you have it displayed on a larger screen, you’ll notice it can hit up to 720p.

As of this writing, there is no exact release date for the game. However, players can expect to see Geralt on their Switch sometime in 2019, if there are no delays.