World of Warcraft Classic Professions: how to Get Started as an Enchanter


Almost as important as choosing your class in World of Warcraft is choosing your professions. If you’ve chosen Enchanter, it’s likely because you’re a Mage, Warlock, or Priest looking to make a wand early (because it’s not exactly easy to get one any other way), with an eye toward heavily enchanting your own gear later.

World of Warcraft Classic Professions: how to Get Started as an Enchanter

Getting started as an Enchanter is one of the hardest professions to get going at low levels due to how Enchanting works: to enchant something, you must Disenchant (from your spellbook) items of Green rarity or above to get materials, which you can then use to boost your skill. This destroys them permanently but gives you components you can use to enchant other items. Green items are not the most common at very low levels.

What’s worse, just getting access to the profession itself can be a pain, since Enchanting trainers don’t tend to crop up outside of major cities. Your best bet starting for any character who wants to begin enchanting is to head to one of your faction’s major cities. For Alliance, this is going to be Stormwind or Ironforge typically, and for Horde, it’s almost always going to be Orgrimmar. Night Elves have it a bit easier; the Oracle Glade area also has a Journeyman Trainer, and it’s relatively closer to their starting zone than the capital cities of each area tend to be for other races. Make sure to buy a Copper Rod, some Strange Dust (if you can afford it), and some recipes from the nearby merchant for Enchanting Supplies while you’re there.

Once you do finally have access (which may be around level 8, or even 10 for some characters), then what? You can’t exactly rely on green items dropping, can you?

That’s where your second profession comes in. Level a different Profession that makes crafted gear: Tailoring, Leatherworking, or Blacksmithing. Once you hit a certain level in those (which are much easier to get started), you can disenchant the gear you make to level Enchanting at the same time for maximum efficiency.

So you have some Lesser Magic Essence now. The first thing you need to do is take that Copper Rod and turn it into a Runed Copper Rod, which is your basic Enchanting Rod. Without an Enchanting Rod, you can’t enchant anything.

From there, it’s a matter of cash flow, materials, and time. You can spam cheap, low-level recipes like Minor Health to level your skill quickly, and you’ll be powering up the ranks in no time. As you hit certain thresholds (every 50 levels of skill or so), you can upgrade your skill to new levels, increasing the power of the enchantments you wield but also their relative cost.