WoW Classic – All Mount Trainer Locations

Mount up and travel Azeroth in style with your own mount in WoW Classic.


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Getting around in WoW Classic can be quite a chore, so getting yourself a mount is always an important and worthwhile endeavor that will help you traverse Azeroth quicker and easier.

Whether you are new to the game or need a little refresher, you might be unsure how to learn this skill or where you can find mounts in the first place. Worry not, because we have all the details on mount trainer locations and some tips on how to get them in this guide.

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How to Learn to Use Mounts in WoW Classic

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Learning to use mounts is pretty straightforward in WoW Classic. To use them, you will need to find a riding trainer who, much like class trainers, will give you the ability to use mounts after learning the skill.

There are two riding skills to learn. The first is at level 40, which lets you ride rare (blue-named) mounts and gives you a 60% movement speed increase. The other is at level 60, which lets you ride epic (purple-named) mounts and gives you a 100% speed increase.

All Mount Trainer Locations

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Below, we have listed all the mount trainer locations in WoW Classic so you know where to go when you can finally mount up and ride around Azeroth in style.

NameCoordinatesRiding TypeLocation
Randal Hunter84, 65HorseEastvale Logging Camp, Elwynn Forest
Ultham Ironhorn64, 50RamAmberstill Ranch, Dun Morogh.
Jartsam39, 16TigersDarnassus
Binjy Featherwhistle49, 48MechanostridersKharanos, the Dun Morogh
NameCoordinatesRiding TypeLocation
Kildar69, 13WolvesOrgrimmar
Skeletal Warhorses60, 52Undead HorsesBrill, Tirisfal Glades
Kar Stormsinger48, 58KodosBloodhoof Village, Mulgore
Xar’Ti55, 75RaptorsSen’jin Village, Durotar

Mount Restrictions and Tips

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Before you go charging off to get your mount, there are a few things to know and a couple of tips we have to help you get your trusty steed quicker that we have included we think you should consider.

The Cost

The main dilemma with these skills is the cost of learning them and the price of the mounts. Learning the base skill will set you back 20 Gold, while the mount will cost you another 80, making it a 100 Gold investment. As for epic riding, that will set you back 1000 Gold, with the riding cost being 100 Gold, which, naturally, can be tricky for some players.

With that said, we have spoken about gold farming tips before, and we recommend you check out our guide on some ways to earn money so you can get your mount and training sooner rather than later.

Additionally, it is possible to get some discounts on the cost of your mounts. If you have an Honored Reputation with your city, you can get 10% off, and if you have a PvP rank of 11 or above, you can get another 10%, making for 20%. These aren’t required, but they can be nice bonuses to get your mount for cheaper.


Lastly, there are a few restrictions you’ll want to know, starting with what riding you can learn. By default, you can learn your race-specific riding with no issue, so if you play a Troll, you can learn raptor riding. However, if you want to learn another race’s riding skill, you will need to be Exalted with that race, meaning you’ll need to do quests and specific activities for that race to increase your reputation and unlock that specific riding skill.

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There are also some racial limitations. In some cases, certain races will not be able to use certain mounts, these being Tauren, who cannot learn to ride Raptors or Undead Horses, and the Humans and Night Elves, who cannot ride the Mechanostriders. This means you cannot learn these riding skills and cannot use these mounts with the mentioned races, even if you are exalted with that race.

However, some natural mounts are exempt from this rule, such as the Deathcharger’s Reins or the Swift Razzashi Raptor, which can be used by any race and often drop from bosses in dungeons or raids.