WoW: Classic – The Best Classes to Heal and Support

Healers play a critical role in WoW: Classic. Here are some of the best classes to fill that position.

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While being at the front line or dealing the most damage in part is essential, you have to stay standing. To need a fantastic healer to keep an entire party standing or a foolish tank who gets in way over their head. Without a great healer, a group is only going to last for so long before they’re all down on the ground, trying again. Here are some of the best classes to choose to play the party’s healer in WoW: Classic.

The Best Healing Classes in WoW: Classic

Priest, Holy

Those who go with the Priest class are going to find they have a wide variety of choices to pick when they’re building this character. Not only do they have the flexibility to go with several different races, but their overall build can change as you level up in WoW: Classic. You’re going to have a lot of your points going into the Holy tree, but while you’re leveling up, you may want to dabble with the Shadow tree. This way, you’re going to be able to keep yourself alive, but you’re not going to find yourself held back by the lack of damage. When you’re near the end-game, almost no raid, dungeon, or PvP party is going to turn down a healing Priest. You’re going to have a lot of flexible options to choose from, so don’t get tied down.

Paladin, Holy

Paladins are going to have a great time as a healer. Not only are they highly coveted in raiding groups as a buffing class, but they’re going to be able to take a hit or two, as well. You’re going to provide the group with a series of blessings and keep them up with a series of healers. You’re going to act as the primary healer, but it never hurts to have a backup character or two giving you support to make sure everyone stays alive. However, because you can take several hits because you’re wearing plate armor and have access to a shield, you don’t have to worry too much about your health. Unless the tank goes down. Sure, you can give it a try at being the main tank for a shake or two, but you’re not going to last long. Paladins excel at healing, buffing, and supporting their party.

Shaman, Restoration

You’re going to choose the Horde equivalent of a Paladin. While you’re not going to be providing your group with an array of blessings, you are going to give them the power of nature. You’re going to rely on your totems to keep your little party going. The downside is the Shaman’s totem buffs only happen to their party members. So, those on the Horde who are planning to make a raid group are going to need to bring a lot more Shaman than they would Paladins. However, much like the Paladin, a Shaman can take quite a beating if they need to jump in to protect their party. For those who like to get a little restrictive with their choices, Shaman is excellent for anyone looking to be a reliable raid party member.

Druid, Restoration

The final class optimal to protect healing is the Druid. For those exclusively looking to go down the healing route, you’re going to want to focus on the Restoration skill tree, with only a minimum amount of points in Balance. You’re going to have a handful of healing over time abilities, keeping your allies up for a more extended time than the straight-healing ones. These effects are going to mean you need to know precisely how to time them and when to fire them off during an encounter. For raids, you’re going to want to bring a handful of Druids in your line-up because they’re going to keep certain people alive, especially those who are finding themselves in a mess of trouble. They’re viable back-up healer, whereas they may falter as a primary, prominent choice.

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