WoW Classic: Best PvP Classes In Season of Discovery (Tier List)

Which classes are performing the strongest in Season of Discovery? Here are details on the best in the current WoW Classic seasonal content.


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In a fresh take on the series, World of Warcraft Classic: Season of Discovery has shaken up the formula of classic WoW, especially in its PvP offerings, thanks to the new Runes and level cap, and it has made for some changes and shifts in the PvP landscape that we can see shifting more as Season of Discovery continues.

Every class can be fun and perform well in PvP, but naturally, some will be more viable and perform better than others. To give you the best picture of the current PvP rankings and meta, we’ve put together this tier list with our thoughts on the current state of every class in PvP for WoW Classic: Season of Discovery.

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Best PvP Classes in Phase 1 of Season of Discovery

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Naturally, this list could change as patches and hotfixes are released, and with phase 2 just around the corner, we could see this list dramatically shift with the introduction of new Runes and the higher level cap.

We also recommend you do not take this as gospel and treat this list more as informed suggestions, as it’s possible to play and enjoy any class in WoW for both PvP and PvE; it’s just a case of finding what you enjoy playing.


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Warrior – While we could see the Warrior in WoW becoming a stronger contender in future phases, right now, it is missing too many of its key abilities, like Berserker Rage, and struggles to hold its own in most confrontations without assistance. Additionally, only one of its talent trees, Arms, currently offers any substantive help with PvP content, which is why it’s in the lower tiers.


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Shaman – Shamans can deal a decent amount of damage in the right circumstances, and while backed up by other groups, their healing, while a bit lacking, can be a lifesaver for other classes. However, they can be inconsistent depending on situations and struggle to maintain good mana regeneration and burning, opening them up to danger after their initial burst of damage, which isn’t helped by several proc-dependant features. As we enter phase 2, we imagine this class will become more rounded and jump up the list.

Mage – Like Shamans, the Mage can run into mana regeneration and burning issues. However, they can have some hefty damage potential with fire and a lot of CC with frost, making them great options and additions to PvP, albeit one that can be taken out rather quickly if left unprotected. Because of that, it sits comfortably in the higher areas of this tier.

Paladin – Aside from getting some love in the damage department with Season of Discovery, Paladin’s utility makes them incredibly viable and valuable in PvP, with shielding, fear immunities, and some CC options, making them versatile and helpful additions.

Druid – Druids are capable of decent damage, especially with the additions to Balance, thanks to the Runes system and Feral, which has always been a PvP staple. They also offer some good healing for PvP, thanks to their Healing over Time and multiple target options. Issues with mana aside and a little less oomph than some other classes in terms of damage, they can be helpful, powerful team members if played well.


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Rogue – This class has always had a good time with PvP, and Season of Discovery continues that trend, albeit with a slightly subdued version, given the level cap. While they don’t have abilities like Cheap Shot, they can be deadly in single-target fights if they can get their damage off quickly and without interference from other players. Combat seems to be the best talent tree in phase 1, but any of their three can be viable and fun to play if you can master the art of Rogue’s quick-kill and run tactics.

Priest – Penance and Holy Priests are proving to be worthwhile and powerful additions to a PvP match thanks to their defensive and healing capabilities, which make them invaluable teammates who can help keep allies up and protected, and their Runes only increase that potential. While their DPS spec Shadow isn’t quite as strong, Priests are still more than viable to aid in PvP and will only likely grow in power with the next phase.


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Hunter – Hunters are running the PvP game right now, with high damage, immobilizing, and CC options thanks to traps and Concussive Shot, and their pet deals massive damage in addition to their own. Their main downside, like other classes, is mana drain, but even with this issue, they still can pull off immense damage and are a top-tier choice for PvP, and we can only see this improving in the next phase.

Warlock – With high DPS thanks to DoTs, burst potential, and ways to sustain health and mana, Warlocks perform remarkably well in PvP, even with the level 25 cap. Affliction is the particular favorite thanks to its enhancement to the DoTs, and with runes like Master Channeler or even Metamorphosis, this class is making some serious waves in World of Warcraft Classic: Season of Discovery that could grow bigger in phase 2.