WoW: Classic – The Best Tank Classes in the Game


Unlike the DPS options in WoW: Classic, the tank classes are slightly more limited in what they can do in the game. There’s a handful who are going to make the best, obvious choices for the role because of how well they can take damage. While the options are limited, those who are willing to go down the route of the tank are going to be overwhelmingly needed. Every good party needs a reliable tank to take damage and lead the party forward. Here are some of the best classes in WoW: Classic for those who want to be a tank.

The Best Classes to Tank in WoW: Classic

Paladin – Protection

While not the first pick for those looking to go down the route of a tank, you’re going to find this a reliable option. As a Paladin, you’re able to wear some of the heavier armor in the game, and you can take several hits before you need to start healing yourself. The downside is you’re not going to have too many entirely defensive cooldown abilities. You’re going to rely mostly on healing yourself, and getting the party’s enemies attention, keeping them off of the weaker members. Not many are going to want to choose you for the role of tank, but if you can convince and prove you have strong skills, you’re always going to have a series of teammates to call on you to help out for a raid.

Warrior – Protection

By far, the best and most obvious option in all of WoW: Classic for the role of the tank. For those who are choosing to become a warrior, you’re going to be a reliably powerful damage dealer, or you’re going to soak up damage and remain standing for your party. You can do either, but you need to go down the Protection skill tree. By choosing this, you’re going to find yourself a worthwhile member of the MMO’s late-game team. You’re always going to have someone who needs you, and whenever you’re in the mood, you’re going to a position in someone’s party. The massive downside to going down this route is you’re going to find the game incredibly dull as you grind up to level 60. It’s going to take forever, too, so remember this if you’re going to choose this option.

Druid – Feral Combat

A less obvious choice than the Warrior running the Protection build, but it’s much like the Paladin choosing to go down a tank. You’re going to remain standing for most of the fight, and it’s going to be difficult to take you down. However, you’re not the obvious pick, and you’re going to struggle because you lack a handful of critical defense-based abilities that the Warrior comes within their kit. You’re going to be able to control the numerous little minions who are running around, and you’re going to have excellent threat generation thanks to several of your abilities. Again, like Paladin, you’re going to struggle reliably keeping the defensive skills going. As long as you have an excellent healer watching your back, you should excel and keep your party alive.

Shaman – Enhancement

For those who are going to go down the route of choosing a Shaman tank, you need to know extremely few agree with it. A Shaman can take a bit of damage, but they’re going to struggle on acquiring the threat of other minions. When they do have the threat, though, they’re going to struggle in remaining alive, even with all of their abilities protecting them. The best healer in the world is going to muttering to themselves about your choice, and you’re going to find yourself making life harder for the entire party. However, if this is how you’d like to play, go for it. It’s important to know that the class is not the first, or even fifth, the choice for anyone looking for a tank. If your man is a Shaman tank, you may want to rely on sticking with your custom party than looking for others to invite you.