World of Warcraft Classic enchanting guide

An enchanting proposition.

Image via Blizzard

World of Warcraft Classic is full of professions for players to learn, giving you access to all kinds of items and armor to use while questing and raiding. Several of them also provide decent opportunities for making solid gold on the auction house. One that does both is enchanting, which gives you the ability to enchant gear with additional stats. Anytime someone gets a new piece of gear, you’ll have the opportunity to make some gold enchanting it for them. Here’s how to level enchanting to the max level.

Materials needed

Before starting the grind up to level 375, you might want to get together your materials. Pairing enchanting with tailoring gives you lots of gear you can disenchant to get some of the materials you need for cheap. Otherwise, you’ll have to buy quite a bit of it off of the Auction House. Here’s a rough idea of what you’ll need:

  • 125 x Strange Dust
  • 1 x Lesser Magical Essence
  • 12 x Greater Magical Essence
  • 25 x Lesser Astral Essence
  • 130 x Soul Dust
  • 2 x Greater Astral Essence
  • 240 x Vision Dust
  • 2 x Greater Mystic Esseence
  • 5 x Lesser Nether Essence
  • 360 x Dream Dust
  • 40 x Purple Lotus
  • 40 x Illussion Dust
  • 8 x Greater Eternal Essence
  • 8 x Large Brilliant Shard
  • 640 x Arcane Dust
  • 20 x Lesser Planar Essence
  • 57 x Greater Planar Essence
  • 15 s Nightmare Vine
  • 37 x Large Prismatic Shard
  • 1 x Primal Might

You’ll also need to make sure you have the correct enchanting rod. We’ll cover when and where to make these in our breakdown below. Plus, there will be a few other materials like gems and unimbued rods you’ll need to buy from the Auction House or the enchanting vendor next to a trainer. It’s also worth noting that prices of dust and essences change all the time on the market. It might be cheaper to craft something that isn’t discussed in our guide, so try to pay attention to the Auction House while working your way through.

Enchanting 1 to 300

First, you’ll need to head to a hub city to learn enchanting. We recommend shacking up in whichever location you choose for the long haul, as you’ll need to revisit this trainer quite often. Just head into a city like Stormwind or Orgrimmar and talk to a guard to see where the trainer is. Then, you can get started with our guide below:

  • Runed Copper Rod (1 x Copper Rod, 1 x Strange Dust, 1 x Lesser Magic Essense) 1 to 2
  • Enchant Bracer – Minor Health (1 x Strange Dust) 2 to 90
    • Note: if Strange Dust prices are low on your realm, you can actually craft these all the way to 120.
  • Enchant Bracer – Minor Stamina (3 x Strange Dust) 90 to 100
  • Runed Silver Rod (1 x Silver Rod, 6 x Strange Dust, 3 x Greater Magic Essence) 100 to 101
  • Greater Magic Wand (1 x Simple Wood, 1 x Greater Magic Essence) 101 to 110
  • Enchant Cloak – Minor Agility (1 x Lesser Astral Essence) 110 to 135
    • Note: Buy this recipe and Enchant Bracer: Lesser Strength in either Stonetalon Mountains (Horde) or Ashenvale (Alliance)
  • Enchant Bracer – Lesser Stamina (2 x Soul Dust) 135 to 155
  • Runed Golden Rod (1 x Golden Rod, 1 x Iridescent Pearl, 2 x Greater Astral Essence, 2 x Soul Dust) 155 to 156
  • Enchant Bracer – Lesser Strength (2 x Soul Dust) 156 to 185
  • Enchant Bracer – Strength (1 x Vision Dust) 185 to 200
  • Runed Truesilver Rod (1 x Truesilver Rod, 1 x Black Pearl, 2 x Greater Mystic Essence, 2 x Vision Dust) 200 to 201
  • Enchant Bracer – Strength (1 x Vision Dust) 201 to 220
  • Encchant Cloak: Greater Defense (3 x Vision Dust) 220 to 225
  • Enchant Gloves (1 x Lesser Nether Essence, 1 x Vision Dust) 225 to 230
  • Enchant Boots – Stamina (5 x Vision Dust) 230 to 235
  • Enchant Chest – Superior Health (6 x Vision Dust) 235 to 250
    • Note: If you can find the formula for Enchant Bracer – Greater Stamina on the Auction House, consider picking it up. It’s a random drop, but is the most effecient way to grind from 245 to 285. Otherwise, just continue below.
  • Lesser Mana Oil (3 x Dream Dust, 2 x Purple Lotus, 1 x Crystal Vial) 250 to 265
    • Note: This recipe is sold in Silithus at the Inn.
  • Enchant Shield – Greater Stamina (10 x Dream Dust) 265 to 294
    • Note: This recipe is sold in either Undercity (Horde) or Darnassus (Alliance)
  • Runed Arcanite Rod (1 x Arcanite Rode, 1 x Golden Pearl, 10 x Illusiion Dust, 4 x Greater Eternal Essence, 2 x Large Brilliant Shard) 294 to 295
    • Note: This recipe and the one below are sold by Lorelae Wintersong in Moonglade.
  • Enchant Cloak – Superior Defense (8 x Illusion Dust) 295 to 300

The Burning Crusade Enchanting 300 to 375

As before, you first need to head to a trainer and learn enchanting. In this case, you need to go to either Thrallmar (Horde) or Honor Hold (Alliance) to get started.

  • Runed Fel Iron Rod (1 x Fel Iron Rod, 4 x Greater Eternal Essence, 6 x Large Brilliant Shard) 300 to 301
  • Bracer – Assault (6 x Arcane Dust) 301 to 310
  • Bracer – Brawn (6 x Arcane Dust) 310 to 316
  • Gloves – Assault (8 x Arcane Dust) 316 to 330
  • Shield – Major Stamina (15 x Arcane Dust) 330 to 335
    • Note: This recipe is sold in Shattrath City. Pick up the recipe for Superior Wizard Oil while you’re there.
  • Shield – Resilience (1x Large Prismatic Shard, 4 x Lesser Planar Essence) 335 to 340
  • Superior Wizard Oil (3 x Arcane Dust, 1 x Nightmare Vine, 1 x Imbued Vial) 340 to 350
  • Glove – Major Strength (12 x Arcane Dust, 1 x Greater Planar Essence) 350 to 365
  • Runed Adamantite Rode (1 x Adamantite Rod, 1 x Primal Might, 8 x Greater Planar Essence, 8 x Large Prismatic Shard) 365 to 366
  • Enchant Ring – Spellpower (2 x Large Prismatic Shard, 2 x Greater Planar Essence) 366 to 375

That should take you to max level and open up everything enchanting has to offer. Make sure to let all your guild friends know that you can now help them out with their enchants. Just make sure they tip you first.