WoW Classic: Season of Discovery – Full Skill Book List

Learn some extra spell with these helpful items added in WoW Classic: Season of Discovery.


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Phase 2 is underway in WoW Classic: Season of Discovery, and with it comes new items and content for players to dive into. One of the more notable additions is the new Skill Books, items that provide new skills and some quality-of-life improvements to existing ones that players can find during their dungeon exploits.

To ensure you know where to find these items and what they can do, we’ve put together this guide with all the details on these new Skill Books found in Season of Discovery.

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What are Skill Books?

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Skill Books are quality-of-life items added to phase 2 of Season of Discovery and work separately from the Runes that feature heavily in the season.

These items allow players to learn new skills or enhance their existing ones to address some concerns and issues players have raised and flesh out their toolkits with a few extra abilities. Some will be a new spell that might address mana regeneration, while others may provide a buff to an underperforming ability or provide a new one to fill a niche.

In the grand scheme of the game, they are more things for players to use as they play, which is always a plus.

All Skill Books in WoW Classic: Season of Discovery

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Below, we have listed all the Skill Books in WoW Classic: Season of Discovery and included what each one does so you have all the information you need.

Enhanced RestorationYour Rejuvenation and Regrowth spells can now be active on targets affected by another Druid’s Rejuvenation or Regrowth.
ReviveBrings a dead player back to life with 15% of their health and mana. not be used when in combat.
Deeper WildsDecreases the mana cost of Mark of the Wild by 50% and increases its duration by 50%.
Aspect of the ViperThe hunter takes on the aspect of the viper, causing your ranged and melee auto attacks to regenerate mana but reducing your total damage done by 10%.  In addition, you gain 10% of maximum mana every 3 sec.  Mana gained is based on the speed of your weapon. Only one Aspect can be active at a time.
Expanded IntellectDecreases the mana cost of Arcane Intellect by 50% and increases its duration by 50%.
Enhanced BlessingsIncreases the duration of your Blessing of Might, Wisdom, Salvation, Sanctuary, Light, and Kings by 100% and reduces their mana cost by 50%.
Shadowfiend Creates a shadowy fiend to attack the target.  Caster receives 5% mana when the Shadowfiend attacks. Lasts 15 sec.
Increased FortitudeDecreases the mana cost of Power Word: Fortitude by 50% and increases its duration by 50%.
RedirectRemoves all your existing combo points from your target and stores them for up to 15 sec. These stored combat points will be transferred to the next non-player enemy you hit with a melee or ranged ability.
Totemic ProjectionRelocates your active totems to the specified location.
Portal of SummoningReagents: Soul Shard

Begins a ritual that creates a summoning portal.  The summoning portal can be used by 2 party or raid members to summon a targeted party or raid member.  

The ritual portal requires the caster and 2 additional party or raid members to complete.  In order to participate, all players must be out of combat and right-click the portal and not move until the ritual is complete.
Soul HarvestingYou have a chance every time Drain Soul deals damage to gain an additional soul shard. This chance rises each time you do not gain a soul shard.
Commanding ShoutThe warrior shouts, increasing the Stamina of all party members within 30 yards by 2.  Lasts 2 min.

Where to Find Skill Books

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These items are found in dungeons, and currently, at the time of writing, only in Scarlet Monastery, and drop from several bosses and enemies you’ll find in the Graveyard area and other areas of the dungeon. We will update this guide with more details or locations if and when they are discovered.